Through the Years


The inception of Winnipeg’s fire brigade was unusual compared to many other volunteer brigades in North America. Brigades in other cities were typically made up of citizens from the working class, seeking adventure, status, comradeship, or a means of serving their community. In Winnipeg, property owners, concerned with either skyrocketing fire insurance rates or the refusal of insurance companies to provide any coverage, joined forces in a gesture of self-help. Their objective was to protect their properties from fire.

Here you will find detailed records of notable firefighting events, categorized chronologically by time period.



The inception and growth of Winnipeg’s fire fighting brigades.



Expansion of fire fighting services, with new stations built throughout the City.



Equipment upgrades, Fire Prevention Bureau organized. Last years of horse-drawn apparatus.



Working conditions improved because of new 3-platoon system. Fire Prevention Division organized. Infamous St. Boniface Basilica fire.



Amalgamation of eight local fire departments into one system. Deadly Fort Garry Court fire. First computer-aided dispatch system in North America used by the Winnipeg Fire Department. Museum officially opens to the public at 56 Maple Street.

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