Here you will find chronological lists of some of the apparatus that proudly served the Winnipeg Fire Department.



Motor-powered vehicles that were indispensible when horsepower became outdated. Years of purchase 1910-1930.

Hose wagons


Unlike today’s  large pumpers, the early fire engines did not have room to carry both hose and pump.  As a result, until 1947, separate wagons carried hose to the fire.



Separate ladder wagons were needed when responding to a tall building fire. Years of service 1875-1928.



Pumpers, sometimes called “engines”, are the backbone of the WFD.  They pump the water onto the fire.



Rescue squads are trucks that carry specialized gear to assist with, as the name suggests, rescuing people – both at fires, and non-fire incidents, like motor vehicle and industrial accidents.

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