The Fire Fighters Historical Society was formed in 1982, in preparation for the Winnipeg Fire Department’s centenary, by a group of fire fighters intent on collecting and preserving material related to the fire service.  Subsequently, the museum was created, utilizing a former working  firehall (in service from 1904 to 1990).

Located at 56 Maple Street, we offer a glimpse of what fire fighting was like from the 1874 volunteer-era to the present day.

Our Mission

To work towards the establishment of a permanent fire museum here in Winnipeg. We see this facility as a learning centre for fire safety and awareness for children and adults. We want to discover and collect materials and artifacts relating to the local fire service. We want to preserve such material and make it accessible to all who wish to study it. We wish to cultivate and encourage public interest in fire service history.

Our Stories

How many people know of the wonderful fire department horse that refused to be retired and followed the motorized fire apparatus to fires, pulling his milk wagon along? Has anyone heard of our colourful Chief McRobie, who insisted that his horse accompany him for a beer inside a local saloon after every fire?

Some people feel that our Museum, at 56 Maple, has its own “resident ghost”.  In 1915, Peter McRae, a young fire fighter fell to his death as he slid down a pole while responding to a fire. 

 With many of these wonderful tales to tell, how can we, as a city, deny our citizens and guests the right to relive these moments in history.



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