About the Museum

The fire station that serves as the Winnipeg Firefighters Museum was built in 1904, and was used in continuous service for 86 years, until 1990. For several years after closing, it held the title of the longest serving fire hall in Western Canada. It was identified as Station #3 until the amalgamation of Winnipeg’s 13 city departments in 1974, when it was relabeled as Station #2. Its service was replaced in 1990 by the current Station #2 at 55 Watt Street. Located at 56 Maple Street, it offers a glimpse of what fire fighting was like from the 1874 volunteer-era to the early 2000’s.

The 1½ story section on the main floor at the rear of the building was originally larger than it is now, and was used as a stable that housed 10 horses, a hayloft, oat bin, and a harness room. The current kitchen was built when fire trucks replaced the horses in the 1930s.

About the Winnipeg Firefighters Historical Society

The Firefighters Historical Society was formed in 1982, in preparation for the Winnipeg Fire Department’s centenary, by a group of firefighters intent on collecting and preserving material related to the fire service.  Subsequently, the museum was created, utilizing a former working firehall (in service from 1904 to 1990).

The Winnipeg Firefighters Historical Society aims to continuously discover, collect, preserve, refurbish and/or re-build equipment, apparatus and materials related to the history and heritage of the local fire service, and to promote and encourage public interest, accessibility, and appreciation for the firefighting profession.

Our Mission

To promote community awareness and support of past and current fire fighting activities and fire safety by displaying and preserving artifacts and information, sharing stories, and inviting guests to explore a formerly working fire hall.

Founding Members of the Winnipeg Firefighters Historical Society

Jack Coulter, Reg. #17 
• Joined the Winnipeg Fire Department (WFD) on 1940-Aug-16 at age 19.
• 1942-May-06 – 1945-Feb-01: Served in the Canadian Corps of Firefighters as Leading Fireman in WWII.
• 1955-Nov-16: Lieutenant
• 1961-Jun-01: Captain
• 1971-Jul-07: District Chief
• 1973-Jul-25: Battalion Chief
• 1975-Jan-03: Deputy Chief Operations
• 1978-Jan-01 to 1981-01-06: Chief (#10) of the WFD
• 1981-Feb-08: Retired with 40 years and six months of service.
Syd Haywood, Reg. #88 
• Joined the WFD on 1946-May-01 at age 23.
• 1964-Dec-16: Lieutenant
• 1972-Aug-06: Captain
• 1980-Jan-27: District Chief
• 1981-May-03: Retired with 35 years of service.
Gordon McLaughlin, Original Fire Dept. Reg. #383 
• Joined the WFD on 1921-Mar-01 at age 22.
• 1974-Jan-07: Lieutenant
• 1960-Mar-01: Battalion Chief
• 1967-Aug-27: Deputy Chief
• 1972-Mar-19: Retired with 43 years of service.
T. Lloyd Moist, Reg. #18 
• Joined the WFD on 1940-Aug-16 at age 18.
• 1942-Aug-23 – 1945-Nov-16: WFD Member who served in the RCAF as Flight Officer during WWII.

• 1955-Nov-16: Lieutenant
• 1961-Nov-01: Captain
• 1957-Jan-01: Training Officer
• 1971-Sep-05: District Chief
• 1975-Feb-02: Assistant Deputy Chief
• 1978-Jan-01: Deputy Chief Operations
• 1981-Jan-08: Chief (#11)
• 1988-Apr-10: Retired with 45 years and three months of service.
William (Bill) Sandison, Reg. #201 
• Joined the WFD on 1949-Nov-16 at age 21.
• 1974-Jan-07: Lieutenant
• 1979-May-20: Captain
• 1986-Feb-16: District Chief
• 1988-Apr-10: Retired with 38 years and five months of service.
Herb Treller, Reg. #176 
• Joined the WFD on 1949-Jul-01 at age 28.
• 1974-Jan-07: Lieutenant
• 1977-Feb-17: Training Officer
• 1980-Apr-20: Retired with 30 years and 10 months of service.
George Treddenick, Reg. #616 
• Joined the WFD on 1965-Sep-01 at age 23.
• 1991-Apr-21: Lieutenant
• 1993-Dec-26: Captain
• 2001-Feb-25: Retired with 35 years and six months of service.
Current (2023) Volunteer Board Members
• Mike Lisowick – President
• Ted Kuryluk – Vice President
• Jason Loboz – Treasurer
• Tara Stokotelny – Secretary
• Terry Brisley
• Constant Cook
• Brad Enders
• Jon Kuryluk
• Ken Sim
How To Show Your Support
Make a Financial Gift / Donation:   Online, by mail, or in person, monetary donations of $20 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt. (Charitable Reg #119232957RR0001)
Items and Artifacts:  Do you have an item to contribute to our museum? We would love to add it to our collection. Contact us to discuss.
Memorial Collections:  In lieu of flowers or gifts, consider asking loved ones to make a charitable donation to the Winnipeg Firefighters Museum.
Third Party Events Consider turning a milestone birthday party, other gathering or sales of a product or service into a fundraiser where the money raised gets donated to the museum to assist with the preservation of fire history in Winnipeg. Contact us to discuss.

Your Donations Keep Our Engines Running

The Winnipeg Firefighters Museum aims to entertain and educate our visitors about the current processes and historical stories of the fire service. The museum relies on your donations in order to continue with the mission of the Winnipeg Firefighters Historical Society. Please follow the link below to make a secure, charitable donation.

Winnipeg Firefighters Museum
56 Maple Street / Honourary Firefighter Way
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 
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Charitable Registration # 119232957RR0001

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