A unique glimpse into the history of Winnipeg.
The Museum, located at 56 Maple Street, was built in 1904 and was an active fire hall until 1990. Designed by Alexander and William Melville, it was one of five fire halls built in 1904 and eventually this plan was used for 14 of Winnipeg’s fire stations.
On display, we boast all of the following vehicles in excellent condition; 1882 Ronald Steamer, 1928 LaFrance, 1930 LaFrance, 1937 Diamond T hose wagon, 1958 Mack and a 1966 Mack. Both LaFrance vehicles are a Canadian built “Foamite-LaFrance”, and all were expressly built for the City of Winnipeg.

Some of our most prized artifacts are items belonging to Chief “Fighting Billy Code”, consisting of his speaking trumpet, diary, Bible, and numerous articles from his exciting career.

His total service time with the Winnipeg Fire service was 39 years and 10 Months. First a volunteer, and later head of the department from 1889 to 1895.
There’s so much more just waiting for you to discover. Come visit and relive our past, or maybe even your own. You won’t be disappointed!



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